Wednesday, 18 April 2012

St. Clair West - Galleria 814

Located in St. Clair West, Galleria 814 is our 4th stop on this tornado....uhhh I mean... on this whirlwind tour. Similar to the other found spaces we are performing in, this spot has it's own quirks - but unlike the other spots, our action will take place in front of a large window facing the street. This offers a different view for the audience, as well as new challenges for the actors. Hopefully no audience members' eyes will be straying to the street where all the beautiful people are walking by!

Speaking of those passersby, imagine what they'll be thinking as they walk by and see a set, actors and an audience staring back at them. Much like the framed paintings and photographs on the interior of Galleria 814, this action will be framed by the large exterior window. Talk about voyeurism! Pretty fitting though, since this is a gallery.

Getting there is a cinch! Take the subway to St. Clair West station, hop on the streetcar going west and exit at Arlington Avenue. To get your bearings straight, this is just a few blocks from Wynchwood Barns. St. Clair West is a very vibrant neighbourhood with plenty of stores to check out. If you get there early, why not get a hair cut or maybe just buy a wig! The options are endless.

Closest subway stop: St. Clair West, then take the streetcar west and exit at Arlington Avenue and make a left.

Close to: Wynchwood Barns

Date: Friday, May 4th

Address814 St. Clair Avenue West

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