Monday, 9 April 2012

Mississippi Porch Etiquette

Hey y'all!  Just in case you've been itching to brush up on your Mississippi porch etiquette in preparation for The Unsatisfactory Supper, Aunt Rose pointed us towards this website which had the following tips:

It is customary for the (potential) host to greet those that he or she knows if they are passing by. The (potential) guest should not take a greeting as an invitation to enter. The (potential) host may say "Why don't you join us?". This is a pleasantry, and should be politely refused by the (potential) guest. If the (potential) host genuinely wishes to invite a guest, he or she will repeat the invitation.

The guest should be aware that an invitation to the porch is not an invitation to any other room of the house, save, possibly, the bathroom. The host should remember that the porch is a social area. If you require privacy, the backyard is the place.


The guest should not expect refreshments to be provided. He or she should certainly never ask for refreshments. If the host has refreshments on hand, he or she should offer them to the guest.

The host has three good ways to indicate that it is time for the guest to leave. 1) Say "Well-". The guest should thank the host, and leave. 2) Stand up, and stretch. The guest should stand, and leave. Keeping the host talking while standing is frowned upon. 3) Ask "You don't have to run, do you?". The guest should declare that they do have to leave, and go.

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