Monday, 16 April 2012

The Annex: The Green Room

Can we all just have a moment of silence to reflect upon how happy we are that the Green Room is open again - halelujah! I felt personally betrayed the day I found out it had closed, so you can only imagine my euphoria upon discovering that it was open again! The only thing better than this beautiful bar opening it's doors once again is that we get to do a performance there. In fact, it's our opening night! Definitely fate working in our favour.

Getting there can be a bit tricky but I know you'll be able to find it. Just get head to Bloor and Brunswick and The Green Room is located down an alley between The Annex Live and The Tranzac. When you get in there, turn right, go upstairs to the second floor and we'll meet you there. If you arrive early you can either admire the amazing graffiti in the area, or head to The Green Room patio.

Closest subway stop: Bathurst coming from the West end, Spadina coming from the East end - walk south to Bloor then head over to Brunswick avenue on the South side.

Close to: The Brunswick House, The Annex Live, The Tranzac Club

Date: Tuesday, May 1st

Address: 296 Brunswick Avenue

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