Saturday, 17 November 2012

Movin on up and movin on out!

Alright guys, we've got some exciting news - we're talking a major win/win situation. Our lovely friends at The Curzon have been chosen for Restaurant Makeover, woohoo! We seriously cannot wait to see what this show comes up with and taste their soon-to-be new menu. This is a stellar opportunity, congratulations Curzon!

So now I bet you're thinking, wait a minute...aren't you guys supposed to be performing there next Friday? Not anymore! We have been given the opportunity to become friends with a new bar - The Riverside Public House. This spot is gorgeous and has an amazing back space where the show is going to take place. It's located at Queen and Broadview - just a few blocks away from The Curzon. You're all going to love it.

Now, there's one more thing...after our performance at 9pm, on Friday, November 23rd... the Riverside has a live Motown band playing! Motown dance party - could this get any better? This whole situation is a major win for us and for you!

So, next Friday join us for the first installment of Short Steeps, "Doubles" - a short play written by Black Tea and directed by Neil Brown. Then stay at the Riverside with us and enjoy some live Motown! Can't wait!

The Riverside Public House is located at 725 Queen St. East.

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